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GBC Shredder overview

Paper Shredder Sizes

Personal Shredders are designed to be used alongside the desks of all secretaries, executive assistants, managers and executives who handle confidential information in the course of performing their duties. It is located within easy reach and is easy to use as a wastebasket. If there is any question about privacy, just shred it.

The Office Shredder is one step up from the Personal Shredder. Most of the shredder models are designed and manufactured for office applications. The Small Office Shredder is designed to be used by one or two people with occasional shredding of confidential reports and correspondence. The general office shredder is designed to make fast work of the destruction of old files.

Departmental Shredders are another step up from office shredders in price and applications. While a robust sheet capacity is the main requirement in a departmental shredder, high speed and a 16" width feed opening are best for the destruction of continuous computer forms. The operator benefits from a high running speed when shredding computer forms because the forms are self-feeding.

High Capacity Industrial shredders are perfect for centralized shredding applications. They can be positioned within the office, convenient to records storage and archives or in a centralized location where multiple departments can bring their material to be shredded by a dedicated employee.

Strip Cut Shredder or Cross Cut Shredder?

Paper shredders are broadly categorized by the type of shreds they produce; Strip-cut or Cross- cut models. Strip-cut shredders produce long strips of a preset width,1/8" and 1/4" being the most common. Cross-cut shredders have specially milled cutting cylinders to achieve a dual cutting action that produces particles of uniform length and width. The Cross-cut category is further broken down into High Security and Commercial security levels. A High Security shredder produces tiny particles that meet strict Department of Defense (DOD) requirements for the terminal destruction of top secret documents.

You must have an understanding of the volume and frequency, along with the nature of the material to be shredded. Only then can you confidently decide between a strip-cut or cross-cut shredder.

The 1/4" strip-cut shredder remains the most popular type of shredder sold for several reasons. First, the relatively low tooling and manufacturing costs translate into a very attractive purchase price to the end user. Also, the limited amount of cutting being done (in comparison to a cross-cut shredder) results in a greater cutting capacity (sheets per pass).

The commercial cross-cut is rapidly becoming the shredder of preference for business use, in spite of its higher price tag. One of the main hidden benefit inherent to all cross-cut shredders is a considerable reduction in the volume of shredded waste, hence a savings in bags and waste removal. This results in a substantial reduction of the operator time spent handling the shredded waste. There is no need for compacting and compressing to fit more into the bag. The flat, self compressing nature of the cross-cut particle results in a bag capacity of 2 to 5 times as much. Furthermore, the cross-cut particle completely fills the waste bag without the operator ever to having to stop and compress the waste. This minimal operator handling results in a cleaner operating environment in addition to the enhanced productivity.

Comparative studies reveal that a cross-cut shredder can outperform a comparable strip-cut shredder having a greater cutting capacity. Although a greater amount of actual "shredding time' is required, the cross-cut's advantage results from far fewer bag changes and the elimination of frequent waste handling.

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