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GBC Shredmaster

Production Shredders

GBC offers over 70 years experience in designing and producing top-quality shredders. The GBC GDM1013 Production Shredder - Micro-cut security and bulk reduction combined with productivity. The shredder feeds 10 sheets at a time at a fast 10 feet per minute, including staples and paper clips. The shredder has an auto on-off operation. Powerful continuous-duty motor. Full size, 10 ” opening, suitable for all types of shredding applications from regulation paper. Large shred bag capacity. The shredder's bin-full indicator and reverse function insure trouble-free operation. SmartShred controls: Four visual indicators keep you informed - Power On, Bag-Full, Overload and Door Ajar. Jam-Stopper electronics: Solid one-piece cutters shred staples and paper clips without jamming. Bag-full sensor shuts off shredder before back-end jams occur. Auto stop on jam eliminates motor wear and tear

GBC Shredmaster GDM1013
  • Moderate Security, High Speed, Micro Cut Shredder
  • Typically more than 5 users who shred regularly,
  • Ideal for large offices or departments
  • Shredders also provide:
    • Maximum productivity, destroys a large number of sheets at a time
    • Continuous operation, no cool down needed
    • Highest waste bin capacity.

GBC Shredmaster GDM1013

Micro Cut Personal Paper Shredder
"Ideal for centralized office use by multiple users in a department or company for security."

Ideal for departmental shared work spaces, 2-5 users

ShredMaster tears the market apart with premium features at an affordable price. When it comes to departmental shredders, tough is not enough. The new GBC ShredMaster department shredders are stronger, faster, quieter and easier to use than other shredders in their class. Run high volumes continuously with non-stop jam free protection, perfect for any active office.

Strong and reliable, designed for heavy duty long-term use. 1-year warranty on cutters/2-year on machine with on-site service. GBC ShredMaster shredders help you destroy private information in documents, CDs/DVDs and credit cards before it gets into the wrong hands and becomes a serious problem. When it comes to protecting your company's financial information to your personal information, you can depend on GBC shredders.

Use a GBC ShredMaster Jam Free shredder to prevent paper jams from ever happening

GBC Shredmaster GDM1013



Call Us (800) 992-5279

Condition: New
Warranty : 1-year warranty on cutters/2-year on machine with on-site service

  • Non-stop Jam Free: Continuously prevents jams from happening – even with overlapping papers
  • Larger sheet and bin capacities: Get more shredding done before emptying bin
  • Super Quiet: Noticeably quieter, up to 10 decibels less sound than competitive models
  • Self Clean and SelfOil™: Ensure peak performance and longer cutter life
  • Continuous duty: Shred as much as you need throughout the day
  • Durable construction: Strong and reliable, designed for heavy duty long-term use.
  • 1-year warranty on cutters/2-year on machine with n-site service

Shred Specifications


Type Micro Cut
Security level 4 (Medium)
Throat Size 10"
Sheet capacity 10
Shred speed 10 ft./min.
Cut size 1/8" x 1/2"
Shred capabilities

paper, staples, paper clips

General Specifications
Wastebin Capacity: 13 gallons
Electrical requirements 120 V
Dimensions 24" H x 19" W x 14" D
Warranty 1-year warranty on cutters/2-year on machine with on-site service
  • Terms and Conditions may apply


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