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GBC Shredder provides safe shredding of all kinds of paper

GBC shredder comes in all types and sizes.


They have been making best quality shredders for over 40 years. Their designing and producing top quality shredders, GBC has made them a trademark company in the brand of shredders.

They provide safety in the home and office and high security companies in the best possible way.


It provides online services about all its modes and its types through its websites. Online ordering is also a hassle free job.

It provides guarantee of its durability and its quality and performance is by far the best.

There is a great selection of models to choose from which provides application specific models.


It has been producing Micro-cut and CD/DVD shredding machines which have been providing satisfaction to many customers.

GBC shredder comes in the following types and sizes:-

Personal Shredders

Strip Cut

Cross Cut

Office Shredders

Strip Cut

Cross Cut, Departmental Shredders- Strip Cut, Cross Cut

High Security Shredders- Micro Cut


The maintenance of GBC shredder is easy and hassle free as well. Small shredders you can maintain yourself by oiling them and keeping them clean. However the bigger machines require the help of customer service which is ready to serve you at all times.

Now you can keep your information safe and secure by shredding your paper according to the kind of information it contains.

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