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GBC Shredders Supplies and Accessories

ITEM # GBC Supplies & Accessories Description &
Compatible Models
Quantity Our Price Order
1765010 400 - Bags for 950S, 955X, 960X, 1130S, 1150X, 2230S, 2240S, 2250X, 2260X, 3220S, 3260X, 3270M, DS22-13, DX18-13, DS22-19, DX20-19, DM12-13, and DSM07-13. 400 bags $395
1765015 300 - Bags for 3500S, 3550X, 3870M, 3890D, 4500S, 4550X, 4220S, 4260X, 5020S, 5220S, 5260X, 5270M, LS32-30, LX20-30, LM12-30, and LSM09-30, DS22-13, DX18-13, DS22-19, DX20-19, DM12-13, and DSM07-13. 300 bags $300
1145482 400 - Bags for 5500S, 5550X, 5570M, 6500S, 6550X, 6020S, 6060X, 7120S, 7160X, LX19-42 and LX30-55. 400 bags $300
1765016 400 - Bags for EX10-06, EM07-06, SX16-08, SC170, and SM12-08. 400 Bags $180
1765022 100 Bags/Pack for SS20-08, SX16-08 and SM12-08. 100 Bags/Pack $225
1760049 16 oz. bottle of Shredder Oil (all models) 4 Bottles $100

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